A to Z Entrepreneurial Stories Week 04 2022

Climate Change

Gabrielle Walker founded Valence Solutions that provides a platform to develop practical solutions that address climate crisis.   

An interesting TED Talk by Dr. Gabrielle Walker sharing her ideas and solutions for carbon reduction and removal.

EV Space

Petalite a UK based startup is revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, by introducing a concept of “Charging as A Service” which is disrupting the current expensive, unsustainable and unscalable charging infrastructure.

Health Tech

US based health tech company Baracoda has launched an Eco Friendly and Battery Free Thermometer called BCool. Easy to use with a few shakes, press of a button and then hold or slide across the forehead for the readings to display on the monitor. The device also connects to an app via Bluetooth, ensuring data collection.  

The Covid-19 Pandemic has put healthcare infrastructure in prime focus, PharmEasy is creating a platform that integrates all healthcare needs of a patient in one place.  

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban Launches Online Pharmacy, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (MCCPDC) that promises to get affordable pharma to patients.

Digitization For MSME Sector

Khatabook is a SaaS company that is supporting the MSME sector in its digitization journey. The MSME sector contributes over 30% in terms of GDP and employment opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic had handicapped the sector, however MSME’s are now adopting a digital strategy in their business processes and the increased registrations of MSME’s is validating the need for digitization of the sector.

Digitization of Theatre

Shreyas Talpade launched his OTT venture Nine Rasa that is 100% self funded and guarantees 100% original content for and from Nine Rasa.  

Automation in the Food Services Sector

Mukunda Foods provides robotic solutions for the food and beverage hospitality sector. It is the largest kitchen automation company for the B2B category in the world. Whilst the pandemic saw the closure of most businesses. Mukunda foods found the time useful to innovate and serve the industry with automated solutions for the clients kitchens.

Startup Done Right

XpressBees founded by Amitava Saha, has found success and scale, by having clarity on what to build and why to build, than worrying about how to build, in turn leading to huge savings in time, money and efforts, having the right team in place in the initial days to start with and ensuring they stay for the longer run to guide new joiners as the team grows. Scaling from 25k to 30k shipments a day to now 800000 to 900000, and having Alibaba invest in the business is a big validation for the startup doing it the right way.

To Persevere or Not

Entrepreneurs face more rejections than approvals throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Figuring out when to persevere and when not to is very important. Analyzing the customer, supplier, investor or the any other stake holder or situation is necessary to understand the value in persevering further or to move on to the next lead.

Food for Thought

Your control preference – control mindset

Your responsibility preference – responsibility mindset

The control/responsibility matrix – For leaders to have control and take responsibility as well

Personal velocity – Finding a balance between action and inaction is important

Perception checking – the process of watching someone’s reaction and asking if they’re following you and understanding what you’re saying. A good business leader ensures that their own perception is checked!

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