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Being tougher when things get tough. Positive Activism. ⁦‪@0liviajulianna⁩ #podcasts ⁦‪@GuyKawasaki⁩


Breaking up goals into smaller achievable tasks and activities, creating one page memos about the same for the team, to ensure individual as well collective understanding around the activity and results

3 Powerful Ways to Gain Control Over Your Emotions | Psychology Today

A tired brain is an unproductive brain. With the amount of information overload in the digital age, it’s more important than ever to have an information diet and to have good brain health for the important information and activities. Jari Roomer Peak Productivity


LG Electronics India launches self-laundry service business, plans to invest $4 mn

Passive Income / Side Hustles – a smart way to create wealth


How a startup helped ISRO execute the ‘fastest landing of an aircraft on Indian soil’

Spending on marketing and advertising that brings in some revenue is always better than spending on marketing and advertising is just about event hype and executive ego of CEO’s and CMO’s–v6duc


Eco-friendly products success depends on the way it get marketed.

Companies selling Eco-friendly or sustainable or green products need to ensure they market it rightly. A majority of the market might want to go eco-friendly way, but most don’t, and the fault is in the messaging. Highlighting the customers benefit, being specific about the eco-friendly effectiveness of the product, than claiming a general Eco-friendly title in the first place, will be an ideal way to succeed with customers actually buying more of the Eco-friendly.


Can Mushrooms Really Break Down Plastic?

 @EcoWatch @OdeToOptimism

You Are An Artist (Whether You Know It Or Not)

 @dailystoic taking obstacles as new opportunities

Why Your Brain Isn’t Experiencing Anything ⁦‪@DeepakChopra⁩ ⁦‪@Medium⁩

Plastic-eating enzyme could gobble up tons and tons of waste

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Retirees Earn Up to $20,000 Per Month With One Side Hustle | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩

Retirement 2.0, meaning you still make money with side hustles.

5 Small Daily Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

Get Narrow Before Life Does


Prioritise need to be clear all the time, not just in the end.

Brand ambassador side hustles at events provides good money, experience and connections

Great ideas don’t lead to startup success, great teams do.

Multiple jobs across multiple companies, means more money and

job security (provided you are not caught or found breaking the contract). It also means one is being enterprising with one’s skill set.

Insightful lessons from the Lamborghini story

A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow (Kate Raworth | TED2018)

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He ( @lukaivicev ) Built One Of Europe’s Biggest Online Banks And Now Raised Millions To Personalize Medical Treatments:

An inspiring success story of an immigrant family, building the right foundation by prioritising education and self learning, support in venturing with ideas from an early age, pitching to investors relentlessly not with one idea but with every idea, learnings from every startup experience, importance of having the right team, and more….

Introverts Who Use This Secret Weapon Are Unstoppable at Work | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩

Being an introverted entrepreneur can outweigh the the extroverted entrepreneur, in terms of being efficient and effective in action.

How to Maximize Your Commute for a Productive Day | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩

Using down time or free time towards planning and strategising for up time or busy time makes for a productive day.

Don’t Waste Your Money (or Time) on These 3 Marketing Tactics | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩

Marketing is a long term investment but it needs to be measured.

John Doerr: Why the secret to success is setting the right goals ⁦‪@TEDTalks⁩ ⁦‪@johndoerr⁩


Scaling fast with cheap excessive funding does not equate to startup success. Right Business fundamentals will take longer but does equate to startup success.


Entrepreneurship is commonly thought of as a lonely journey. For that matter any leadership role is a lonely journey, be it a small business or a multi-national corporation. For the many situations when a leader is looking for an answer, a solution, but none to find, its best to look at the Stoic philosophy.

12 (Stoic) Remedies For Feeling Lonely Or Depressed

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The ugly truth behind most fitness related businesses is to sell a solution that keeps the individuals subscribed month to month and hence being more successful commercially as a business, and less as a solution to the customers.

Listening to Fitness Gurus is Making You Fat via @nireyal

Your Phone Is Not Listening to You

/your-phone-is-not-listening-to-you-1851220787?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=gizmodo_twitter via @gizmodo


Innovating cement manufacturing that reduces emissions ⁦‪@SublimeSystems⁩  ⁦‪@wef⁩

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