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Entrepreneurial success comes of use, in funding research and developing cure for rare diseases. Pharma companies and government or private funds normally shy away from funding research to find cures for rare diseases as there aren’t enough patients to justify the costs. Chip Wilson has set up a fund for $100 million to develop a cure for his rare muscular dystrophy. Whether they find success with the cure or not, he believes that the research will provide a lot of data for use in finding solutions for other muscular disorders, and if they do find a cure, then he definitely benefits as the first patient, but also manages to have the same available to others diagnosed by it. 

Lululemon’s founder is racing to cure the rare disease destroying his muscles via Bloomberg

Writing down issues can be more comfortable than voicing them.

The question book  

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Problems are opportunities.

It’s Producing Something Good

Marcus Aurelius’ Trick To Accepting Everything Life Throws At You via @YouTube @dailystoic


Entrepreneurship is a journey. Enjoying the journey is more important, than success, as success is a momentary thing, it’s their now and then its gone, either due to nature of business cycles, economy, competition or due to a new goal that we start to pursue next. One can never be sure of reaching the destination for sure, achieving the desired outcome, but its always easy to commit to and to try and start out in the first place. While the destination or the goal is important, the journey or the effort is equally important. Appreciating the journey and the efforts makes the destination as well as the goal much more sweeter. @heyfeifer

Right Decisions v/s Best Decisions. As entrepreneurs we are often tempted to cut corners and make some saving, income or profit. But that may be a very short term thing, which may result in something adverse in the long term. Best decisions can be wrong, but right decisions will never be wrong. Taking the right decisions are the best decisions for the short and the long term.

Using challenges to your advantage. Businesses will have good and bad days. One has to take the bad days in their stride and move on, dream on, and work on towards the desired outcomes.

Pinky Cole lessons – importance of making the right decision and not the best decision, obstacles, failures and challenges builds your integrity, keep dreaming and the imagination will take you to higher levels.

Startup success equals to lots trials and errors. It surely has become easier to startup with an idea in the information age, thanks to the endless applications and resources available digitally. However success in startups still remains uneasy, requires one to start off and experiment and change the business model as time demands, often ending up with something totally different than the original idea,

Ideas are great, but execution is the key to success. Keep experimenting, keep trying, keep testing. @join_facet

Becoming intentional about virtual meetings @ThisIsSethsBlog meetings in person or virtual should have a connecting factor for all involved and engaged


Zapier Central debuts as no-code tool for building enterprise AI bots

via @VentureBeat


Sales Psychology: Why You Make Terrible Buying Choices via @nireyal

Impulse buying is a factor of one’s emotional levels and the brands genius tactics to nudge one to make the purchase. Knowing how to control our emotions is the key to avoid impulse buying, and psychology helps in understanding the one’s own mindset and behavior, and then take the wiser decision.

Double check – On A Self Made Billionaire

Many stories are published by the media about the self-made billionaire, etc…. Dig deeper, think harder and question it – Is it possible to build something on your own? 

Everything, everyone is interconnected. The environments shapes you. You want to shape up particularly, then choose the particular environment.

All of life’s experiences are a collaboration of people and places along with you.  @The_DailyStoic


12 (Stoic) Secrets For Doing Your Best via @YouTube @dailystoic 

Finding Your Flow State in an Age of Digital Distractions

Time Management Hack

Strategizing and planning for the week, is time consuming in itself, but it results in saving up more time for one, while getting most of the things done, thus getting one closer to the goals


The challenges to address climate change issues have given rise to a number of opportunities for businesses and therefore a number of new jobs. The trend for green talent is in demand and rising but the supply for the same is limited. Also to note the gender gap issue, males skilled in and heading green initiatives and businesses is higher than the females. Green skilling is the skill set that will be important across industries, it is a must have to ensure stable jobs, business and climate or environment.  

Green job vacancies are on the rise – but workers with green skills are in short supply via @wef

Solving for one problem, you sometimes end up solving more than one problem.From designing coats cum sleeping bags for the homeless, to employing them. @OdeToOptimism @IntEngineering

Start-up as a side hustle, alongside your day job, until successful and sustainable to make it a full time business.


Reducing air pollution from vehicle braking systems @TallanoTechno@springwise

Traditional mining and extraction a ton of Lithium results in 15 tons of carbon emission. Bio-Metallum an Argentine Startup uses biotechnology and microorganisms in mining and extraction of Lithium, thus reducing the emissions largely. @springwise

Converting sawdust into useful green bio chemicals @springwise

Foundations for scaling a business

Job Trends 

Internships bring in a lot of learning, experience and networks. But the craziness of long commutes or travel due to the competitive landscape of finding an internship, let alone in the neighbourhood or the same city, but cross country, that’s desperate.

Securing Venture Debt requires finding the right investment partner and planning in advance not only for securing one, but also on it utilisation for business growth or expansion.


Indian Speciality Coffee Going Global

Roastery Coffee House, Blue Tokai, Third Wave Coffee Roasters and Bevzilla are a few names in the speciality coffee space that are making big in India and now abroad. While Blue Tokai launched a store in Japan, Roastery Coffee House opened one in Finland, which is the biggest coffee market in the world. As per the International Coffee Organisation, Finns consume approximately 12 kgs of coffee per person per day as per data from 2016. At home, 62% Indians consume Tea and 43% consume coffee, the coffee market is set to grow at approximately 10% every year, valued at US$478 million in 2022, it is set to touch approximately US$1230 million by 2031.  

Roastery Coffee House is taking Indian speciality coffee global with Finland launch

Entrepreneurial success happens when you are action oriented. Two jobs as a line cook, a family cook and a side hustle in the Apron business, has led Ellen Bennett to build an eight figure brand in Hedley & Bennett.

Entrepreneurship can get really interesting, when you have one business that mocks at a certain thing, and then you end up launching another that becomes that thing. Authenticity plays its role in becoming successful.


Four day work weeks add to productivity at work and home

A four day work week means a 20% reduction in time spent at work, but a 50% increase in time for self at home or other places. A well rested body and mind with the extra time during the weekend results in better productivity starting Monday through to Thursday.

Recycled ceramics production to reduce the carbon footprint in the construction materials industry @springwise

Ensuring quality speciality coffee for customers and good returns to growers@SpiritAnimalCo1 @springwise

Reducing Greenhouse gas emissions through detecting methane leaks in oil and gas industry @springwise


Venture capital funding trends within the Indian start-up ecosystem in March

Willpower is not a limited resource. Biologically we are always capable of getting done what we want to get done, not matter how the day has started or ended. One’s thought process is to blame when don’t persevere through to our goals.

Limiting Beliefs: Ditch the 4 Dream Killers Holding You Back @nireyal

 via @nireyal

Ideation can be an endless process for entrepreneurs. Whether as an aspiring entrepreneur one is looking up ideas to startup with, or as an entrepreneur who is constantly looking to make his or her idea successful with solving the series of challenges that come up in starting up, thinking out of the box is important, cause what might seem like the best idea or the best solution to one personally, might not be the case for others, for the markets and hence economically unfeasible. Thinking out of the box would mean at what is already happened out there, what ideas and solutions where successful and how did they become so. No idea or solution is successful to start with. Failure is imminent in some way or the other, hence studying the failures, the bad ideas and solutions are a great way to come up with a good idea or solution.  

The secret to finding the best idea ever? First think about the absolute worst  via @TimHarford

In business and life, we cannot control things that are external, all that we can control is how we react to those external situations.

You Can’t Change What Happened, But…

Madison Mohns: 3 ways to use AI without replacing your coworkers ⁦@TEDTalks⁩


“Each of our drones can plant over 40,000 seed pods per day and they fly autonomously.” @AirSeedTech @OdeToOptimism 

Read more below.

How looking at art can make you a better problem solver @FastCompany @OdeToOptimism

Daniella Ballou-Aares: How business leaders can renew democracy ⁦‪@TEDTalks⁩


Sustainable computer chips for AI

Currently computer chips for AI are expensive, require huge amount of energy and are not suitable for broader usage. EnCharge AI is redesigning a chip based on a analog design and in memory computing, making it possible for broader usage in public and consumes far less energy.    


AI to ensure efficient use of pesticides @AgZen_official AI powered RealCoverage platform makes adjustments in real time to the various parameters of pesticide usage in agriculture.    @springwise


The Optimism of Easter 


Its that time of the year when the sun is moving over to the northern hemisphere, that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The natural phenomenon’s carry with the a meaning that can be useful in more ways than one. Hence it also is a celebration new beginnings, in terms of ideas, projects and businesses, with more fresh or refreshed energy. 

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