A to Z Entrepreneurial Stories Week 03 2022

National Startup Day                                                                             At the beginning of the third week of January, India celebrates the arrival of Spring and the celebration of the agricultural cycle as per the particular region of the country. With respect to the Entrepreneurship ecosystem, India will also celebrate the National Startup Day every year on the 16th of January. The Entrepreneurial ecosystem is flourishing, with approximately 500 startups a few years ago to approximately 60000 startups now and 40+ unicorns is quite a lot of cheer to the system.     

Mentorship Hacks                                                                                We have often heard of famous entrepreneurs having famous mentors to guide them. They may have had more of an unofficial mentor mentee relationship. Think you need support and motivation to guide you on your path to achieving your goals, and think that famous entrepreneur might be an answer. He or she might surely be, by may be directly in contact with you, which is not a possibility for many. But a better possibility is to dig into a book that the entrepreneur may have written and find the answers there. Still need someone to track you on your activities, get a buddy.

Emotional Procrastination

Procrastinating is often associated with laziness, but studies note that it can also be a result of our emotions. Putting off important work due to disturbing emotions is increasing in the workplaces. Manage, Control and Deal with Emotions to stop procrastinating and get the important work done.

Scaling Thoughts                                                                              Scaling a business must be driven internally. And must not worry much about the Competitors. Competition is external and not in our control, hence there is no point spending time and energy on what’s not in our control. Focus on These 3 Things Instead – Positioning, Pricing and People. Scaling a business also needs support from partners and team members. Scaling may also mean multiple businesses under one big corporation.

Our Local Air BNB

Aditi Balbir founded V Resorts where she curates, develops and manages unique resort properties in India. V Resorts has 80+ properties across offbeat destinations 16 states in India. It helps developing not just the properties but also the local ecosystem by promoting local talent, developing local resources, local artists, local food and ingredients, all of it as an attractive unique experience to the tourists, with international standards of service.

The Volatile Billionaires Club

New entries in the Billionaire Club from the crypto currency world is a daily possibility, due to the nature of crypto currencies being volatile, and the introduction of NFT’s for trading, all of that makes it difficult to stick to one valuation number over a time period.   – Changpeng Zhao Founder of Binance a crypto exchange platform enters the billionaire club with a net worth of US $96 Billion. Binance sees trades worth approximately US $170 billion a day.

EV Sector Innovations

The innovations in the EV segment are bound to be happening in the battery technology space and the EV space. British Lithium aims to mine lithium from granite. The process will include extracting lithium from mica which is a mineral in granite.

Arrival offers an affordable EV transportation ecosystem with a lower total cost of ownership of the vehicle and an exceptional user experience.

Doing More With Less

Tractor goes high tech, making farming more efficient and farmer more productive. The John Deere autonomous tractor will help farmers do more with less, more produce for growing global population with less land and less labour.

Disrupting the low earth orbit satellite sector by using reusable balloons as a cheaper alternative to satellite aerial photography and weather forecasting data. – Urban Sky

3D printing’s next act: big metal objects. 3D printing has been used since the 1980’s to make small plastic parts and prototypes. Seurat Technologies is attempting to succeed with metal printing that could lead to making car parts faster and cheaper.  

Disrupting the online education sector with AI. ByteLearn launched in 2021 by Aditya Singhal and Nishant Sinha, uses AI to help students unstuck with their maths problems.

Social Commerce App Meesho is eclipsing and redefining ecommerce, market research suggests that the social commerce market will be US$ 604 billion by 2027. Meesho helps businesses connect with customers over social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Social media platforms are the go to media these days for businesses and customers. Using them as your resume can be strategic for your personal brand.

Reducing Plastic waste to zero

Impact Recycling uses a water-based process to ensure zero plastic waste. It has been awarded End of Waste (EOW) status from the Environment Agency in UK, as the end product of the recycling process is not a waste but a raw material that can be used to produce something else. Its BOSS 3D process can be easily integrated in to existing recycling plants and also ensures that the plant can recycle all of the plastics without shipping anything that was previously not recyclable at the plant.

Selfie’s for Tracking Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across everything one can imagine. The importance to personal hygiene and health has grown and will continue to grow in the years post the pandemic. While healthcare professionals and institutions will be the key resources to handle health problems, tracking one’s health will be one’s own responsibility, nuralogix uses AI to detect any health disorders through a selfie taken by the user.    

Climate Action

Climate Change, Carbon emissions and many more environmental problems can be solved only with a new way of thinking and taking the right action accordingly. WeSpire employee engagement software ensures positive impact at work and in communities by helping companies monitor and manage employee carbon emissions.

Cool The Globe – an app to help one in taking small steps in their daily lives to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Developed by a journalist Prachi Shevgaonkar the app has approx. 24000 users across 100 countries so far.

Must Watch

Entrepreneurs being serious about work can be harmful, finding the right balance between serious and fun work is important to succeed. The Power of Humor in workspaces – Jennifer Aaker Naomi Bagdonas.

Entrepreneurial thinking never fits in a box, always out of the box, ready to take up the challenge to disrupt for the good. “As an entrepreneur, one has to start may be 2 to 3 years before the market is built.” – Rahul Garg – Founder & CEO Moglix. How to break down barriers and not accept limits – Candace Parker

Indeed, climate change is bound to impact the younger generations more than the older, listening to the younger generations is therefore a must to solve the climate crisis. To fight climate change, listen to young people – Nkosilathi Nyahti

Personal Project Progress

Net pots spaced out over additional trays for better growing and handling while transplanting. The friendly neighborhood squirrel has been eyeing the spinach saplings, which called for some watch and secured storage during night times. Transplanting done on 20th Jan, all 70 pots were transplanted to the NFT system of 24 planters.

Food for Thought

Portfolio thinking – validates the theory of not betting on one idea.

The way things are – status quo cannot just remain, every now and then it gets shaken up by someone who is willing to bring the change

Who’s responsible? Freedom comes with responsibility.

The dog ate my homework – its easy to blame the other, but it’s better for one to be more responsible 

Harsh feedback – is important to note the person giving the feedback.

The myth about the apples – being sorted is valuable indeed

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