Notes September 2023

D Journal Sep 2023


Solarize has developed a software-as-a-service solution that makes it easy for property owners to track the electricity they create and sell it directly to consumers. ‘Meter-to-cash’ is the process by which electricity producers measure the energy consumed by each user, generate bills, collect payments, and book revenues from electricity sales.

Turning e-waste into solar lamps  – ⁦‪@springwise⁩


Interesting suggestions to under inflation #BookLovers

Barium Sulphate in white paint helps in reflecting sunlight back by 98%, enabling cooler temperatures and reduced need for air conditioning ⁦‪@wef⁩


The paradox of insular language @ThisIsSethsBlog so apparently language also has a two motives now, to connect or to disconnect

Bob Wiltfong: How to take the BS out of business speak ⁦‪@TEDTalks⁩


Green Gravity stores energy using the principles of gravity and kinetic energy. Ultra-heavy weights, made from 30 tonnes of steel coil, are lifted and then lowered in the shafts. As the weights are lowered, the cable holding them passes through a device called a ‘winder’, which is used to turn a motor, generating energy. The weights are lifted using excess renewable energy, then remain at the top of the shaft, holding potential energy, until demand rises, when they are lowered to generate energy to meet that demand.

Using disused mines and gravity to store energy – ⁦‪@springwise⁩ ⁦‪@GreenGravityAU⁩


Insightful episode that dwells in to everything finance – investing, trading, banking, stocks, derivatives, Startups. If you are a baker stick to that core heavily, the 80:20 rule. ⁦‪@tferriss⁩


Exercise daily to gain and maintain the most important wealth = health


A lot of quiet alone time leads to wonderful creations


California passes right-to-repair act guaranteeing seven years of parts for your phone

 via @Verge @OdeToOptimism

We studied the best way to actually make a new habit stick

@FastCompany @OdeToOptimism

Managing expectations

Prepare for the unexpected

Expectations are good motivators but not good for measuring results

Mission or Vision clarity for better decision making


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