Notes November 2023

D Journal November 2023


Regenerative food products made from cassava – ⁦‪@springwise⁩

Brazilian Startup Nuu uses cassava to make food products carbon neutral.

Making bio-based food packaging as durable as plastic  – ⁦‪@springwise⁩

Israeli cleantech company W-Cycle has developed a material, called SupraPulp, that could provide an alternative to plastic for food-grade packaging. 


Second-home fractional ownership: A new trend in India’s real estate

Micro or fractional investment opportunities started in the commercial office and warehouse sectors, now moving into smaller niche the luxury holiday home category. The market size of holiday home market which is the whole pie, and then the market size of the fractional ownership in holiday homes market size needs to be considered.

Netflix renews office lease in BKC, to pay Rs 284 crore rentals over 5 years

Rental agreement renewals show the commitment of the company with its business and the market. Additionally, it also highlights avenues to look for with in the companies supply side.


Henrik Werdelin founded BARK as a a lifestyle brand to serve dogs and dog owners. Starting with one product or service mastering it through customer feedback, and then scaling into associated categories that can diversify the business and ensure growth. Author of The Acorn Method.

Yancey Strickler founder of Kickstarter, prioritised helping the creative community and making the world a better place, and not focus on making a lot of money. Kickstarter helped over 187000 projects get funding through the campaigns. Author of This Could Be Our Future.


Ashwin Sokke founded Fit & Glow a company into personal care and wellness, operating three brands, WOW, Body Cupid and Shaving Station. Being hands on in your business, listening to customers and implanting valuable feedback into the products or service, using email marketing strategies by not just sharing coupons but valuable content without forcing a sale, maintaining inventory of products in high demand, and not relying heavily on a single platform online or brick and mortar for sales.


Heating commercial real estate with geothermal power – ⁦‪@springwise⁩

Geothermal energy is one of the most energy efficient methods of providing heating, ventilation and air conditioning to buildings. Bedrock Energy a US based startup has received $8.5 million as seed funding towards manufacturing and developing their technology that claims to drill up to 2000 feet underground in comparison to the conventional drills that go 300 to 800 feet underground. This reduces the number of boreholes required for big projects and also can implement the systems for smaller sites or projects.

Maximising biodiversity with regenerative grazing – ⁦‪@springwise⁩ ⁦‪@PastoralAI⁩

AI to track grazing patterns of cattle, and keep farmers informed on pasture availability in a particular area, to any health issues to the herds. Additionally the technology will help in reducing the farming carbon footprint.

Creating hyper-local food supply chains – ⁦‪@springwise⁩ ⁦‪@Relocalize_inc⁩

Shipping and transportation of food and beverages accounts for approximately 20% of the global food systems carbon footprint. Additionally the wastage from spoilage of food during the transportation. Relocalize a Canadian startup that’s reducing the carbon emissions and food wastage via transportation, by setting up automated micro factories at the distribution centres, hence avoiding the long distance hauling, food spoilage, and packaging.


Rare Photo Shows Inside of Elon Musk’s $50K Home: See Pics | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩ ⁦‪@elonmusk⁩ ⁦‪@WalterIsaacson⁩

Elon Musk – One of the rare breed of Entrepreneurs who gives it all to the idea, the business.

Why Chick-fil-A Employees Never Say ‘You’re Welcome’ | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩

An interesting strategy in building and maintaining strong customer relationships. With the amount of options customers have, it’s best to attract them back by showing them the pleasure that was in getting their business. As they are bound to explore the options, and everyone else out there will be using all kinds of strategies to attract them, hence the decision is totally in the customers hand, and by not pushing them much, one stands out in the crowd.


Finding the glitch

 @ThisIsSethsBlog and that’s how humanity has progressed and continues to do so….


Cynthia Williams: The secret perks of driving electric ⁦‪@TEDTalks⁩

Faster adoption to EV’s will require charging infrastructure development, making the cost of owing an EV more affordable by promoting local parts and manufacturing, multi purposing an EV to support with back up power in places required.


Founder v/s CEO mindset’s while scaling the business

Founders are driven by a vision, while CEO’s are driven by a mission.

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