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“Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”

#Book The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield



Sustainable Aviation Fuel tested in long haul flights over the Atlantic @wef

Julio Friedmann: How to harness abundant, clean energy for 10 billion people ⁦‪@TEDTalks⁩


Entrepreneurship is always about solving a problem. Nicky Goulimis and immigrant to the US from England in 2014, found herself helpless with the US financial system not recognising immigrants financial records back home. She along with her Stanford mates Lock Janssen and Misha Esipov founded Nova Credit to solve the problem of financial inclusion for most immigrants.

Challenging colourism in the fashion industry, Erin Carpenter launched Nude Barre, that makes undergarments and bodywear that matches one’s skin tone.

VC Funding for Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs have often found it challenging to raise funds for their Startups. A problem that has been turned on its head by many funds focusing on women entrepreneurs and also laws being passed that call for certain number of females to be part of company boards and decision making.

New Theory Ventures invests in women led personal care brands.

Imaginary Ventures invests in retail tech.

Seven seven six a vc firm that runs the Operator in Residence program for women interest in venture capital. The fund invests in women and also sets aside 2% of its investment to prioritise women founders personal needs.

Freestyle Capital runs a program All Raise that helps women learn about fundraising, starting and running a business.

Offline Ventures runs programs like Selfmade for women to learn all about starting and running a business. And organisations like Ladies Who Launch and IFundWomen that provides a platform for women entrepreneurs to network and find capital and resources.

Walking the city, walking the world @ThisIsSethsBlog the big picture is always bigger than imagined

Wikipedia’s 25 Most Visited Pages on the Internet in 2023

Immigration economics in some of the small economies in the World

A trend I had sighted back in 2020, the covid-19 pandemic has pushed a lot of smaller countries to invite immigrants to invest in their economies in exchange for citizenship.


Why 2024 will be a defining year for hi-tech manufacturing in India

Nicole Byers: How stress drains your brain — and what to do about it ⁦‪@TEDTalks⁩


Using food waste as a raw material in building material ⁦‪@wef⁩


Sam Gregory: When AI can fake reality, who can you trust?


Loopholes can be made, can be found anywhere, can be misused, be it a business or a technology. Addressing these at the foundational level is always the best way forward.

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