Value Creation is about increasing the value of something to match the expectation. In terms of manufacturing, it is about producing quality products, in terms of service industries it is about providing valuable and quality service, in terms of businesses it means creating value for the customer by providing good products and services and thereby creating value for the self as well, in terms of investing it means providing satisfying return on investment to the investors.

While reading the above may make it look simple, in practice it is a lot more complicated to create value. Lots of variables come in to play that are not in one’s control, thus making the process of value creation challenging. Whether in business or under employment, one faces a variety of challenges while trying to create value. And value creation is always associated with a positive end result of a particular process or activity in business or in employment.   

But what if the end result is not positive?

Is a negative end result not valuable?

Isn’t the experience, the learning gained from the whole process of trying to create value, a valuable creation as well?  While we have heard the quote Success is a Journey, why is it that value creation is always associated only with a positive end result for the parties involved?

Isn’t then this association of Value creation with a positive end result a big demotivator, when one does not get to the expected outcome?

Wouldn’t it be more motivating to define and associate value creation for the entire process and not just the end result?

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