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While the dairy industry serves 80% of the global population, it is also responsible for significant percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, leading to environmental and climate problems. A Finnish startup Solar Foods has secured €5.5 million worth of funding from the European Innovation Council, for the ‘HYDROCOW’project that aims to create a microbe by using water and electricity that can convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into beta-lactoglobulin – a whey protein that is a main component of dairy milk. 

Could we make milk from CO2? – ⁦‪@springwise⁩ ⁦‪@Solar_Foods⁩

The maritime shipping industry is responsible for 3% of greenhouse gas emissions. Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute a subsidiary of COSCO Shipping is developing technology that enables the ships to generate while in motion and also store energy in batteries on the ships.

Harnessing wave power: a new era for greener ships – ⁦‪@springwise⁩ ⁦‪@COSCOSHIPPING⁩

The power grid is something of a black box, with businesses traditionally unable to fully understand how the power they purchase translates into greenhouse gas emissions. This is due to a lack of location- and time-specific data. 

Startup Singularity Energy, which was developed by experts at Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins, is working to change this with its validated, hourly grid emissions data layer and business decarbonisation tools. 

Hourly insights into grid emissions to cut carbon – ⁦‪@springwise⁩ ⁦‪@TrySingularity⁩

Remote Work Might Increase Productivity, But It Stifles Your Creativity — Unless You Adopt This Tool. | Entrepreneur–RKG6xA5Obzd7Rh74LnvVhiv8qfHX29F_jH8f4t95sQjRwmtYYbbldFtPuMc4PQq7YBl_HJitGOUrH07uCA2nSiOivHw&utm_content=288104260&utm_source=hs_email

How Japan is Helping Build India into a Powerhouse

 via @YouTube


Liana Finck: Life is hard. Art helps ⁦‪@TEDTalks⁩ ⁦‪@lianafinck⁩

Liana validates the simple habit of drawing to help find answers to things when one does not feel right.

Entrepreneurs come across plenty of such situations and developing an artistic habit will definitely be the choice of action to become creative in solving things like stagnation, roadblocks or bottlenecks, etc….


Productivity week: Bonus


Learning is for life, and it’s the most amazing thing. As an entrepreneur there is no escaping learning, one is bound to learn something everyday, but beyond entrepreneurship, everyone needs to be a self-learner.

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn


Three important steps to accomplish goals

  1. Be specific while setting a goal.
  2. Set process goals to reach the outcome goals, the results.
  3. Have social accountability.


Craig Newmark on his exit strategy with Craigslist. A trust that continues the legacy seems like a good idea to me.

Stanley Andrisse’s journey of resilience and change, from a maximum-security prison to becoming Dr. Stanley Andrisse, an endocrinologist scientist and professor at Howard University College of Medicine.  #Book From Prison Cell To PhD ⁦‪@GuyKawasaki⁩


Jen Sargant CEO @ Wondery a podcast network acquired by Amazon for US$300 m. Previous entrepreneurial success involved launching a media company in 2008, growing it though the recession to finally selling it to Uproxx in 2016. With Wondery, she faced challenging times again when the pandemic hit the world, drying up advertising revenue and also making the podcasting space more crowded. Her focus moved to promoting the subscription app called Wondery Plus, which allowed listeners to have advertising free experience, early release of shows and exclusive content. She values the importance of being flexible, while entrepreneurs have to be serious about their business fundamentals, they also need to learn to adapt to changing times.

Src: Entrepreneur Magazine Oct Nov 2021 Issue

Entrepreneurs who have taken the franchisee route to start their entrepreneurial journey, need to develop and maintain their local social media campaigns, to build relationships within the community they serve and also drive business. The franchisor may drive the national campaigns which will look the same across all regional pages, the local flair will drive the local people to the stores.

Src: Entrepreneur Magazine Oct Nov 2021 Issue


Listening to ‘First $1,000: Affiliate Blogger Pins Way to Commissions’ from #SideHustleSchool by @chrisguillebeau —

Being Intentional about Entrepreneurship and Experimenting with whatever resources one currently has to start up is important.

AI tools not just for big businesses but also can bee used by Startups, Small businesses. ⁦‪@chrisguillebeau⁩


Businesses and mostly big corporates need to figure this, unwanted meetings to show that work is going on is a scam. Hurts the business and also fellow team members with their productivity. Most meetings can be an email. ⁦‪@nireyal⁩

Regulation First, Happiness Second


Entrepreneurs can gain a lot from this, as they are at most times doing multiple things for their business to be successful and sustainable, often leading to a lot of stressful situations and emotions. Regulating emotions by journaling helps to be stress free and happy.

“How to Conquer the Imposter Syndrome” on


Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. Owning and running a business involves overcoming lots of challenges on a daily basis. Sometimes the bigger challenge may not be the challenge, but the self doubt one may have in overcoming the challenge successfully. Guy Kawasaki shares awesome tips on how to overcome self doubt.

Yes, We’re Still Messing Up Hybrid Work. Here’s Where Exactly We’re Going Wrong. | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩–7-JeiEW1ZWmmZTfkkVujYk25aerbqhQEnSHuqyi_yNcVaLd5IXmt-59mYVP1axuIWyV_oHkvjgrr97zSavTG8IHkiNQ&utm_content=290236343&utm_source=hs_email

Entrepreneurs will be required to wear additional lenses to manage and ensure productivity, inclusivity amongst remote or hybrid teams.

It’s getting harder than ever to become a self-made billionaire. But inheritances are still going strong.


While entrepreneurship has been on the rise over the last couple of decades, the economic situation in 2023 does not reflect the standard pattern of Billionaire entrepreneurs, but that of Billionaires by inheritance. Geo-political crisis, rising interest rates, recessionary trends etc have made it challenging for entrepreneurs to build wealth in 2023.

‘We Pulled Off An SEO Heist’: Entrepreneur Stole 3.6 Million Pageviews From Competitors — And Your Business Could Be Next. | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩–nO_M5nHmwBIpwY7q6490e5radBDAXSTv8SAoKbbdYKAEfYjpkEdHFYlNXb8P_MEsgbcmLEl9BgFOaxZmvgc4zzf7OcA&utm_content=290236343&utm_source=hs_email

Entrepreneurs need to be aware and ensure how they choose to use AI in their digital campaigns. Having personal stories that are relatable to their end users will best generic AI results.

Journaling or writing an important tool for development, growth, creativity.


How A Neuroscientist Flexes His Mental Muscles Daily | mindbodygreen ⁦‪@OdeToOptimism⁩

Entrepreneurship requires a mindset that needs to be very strong in overcoming any number for challenges. Often times the challenges may have been overcome by the entrepreneur, but on the sides it definitely has had an impact on his or health physically and mentally. While physical exercise is commonly practiced by all, it’s equally important to do mental or brain exercises to ensure continued good brain health and function.

I didn’t get in @ThisIsSethsBlog

Two sides of the coin

12 Steps to Create a Backyard Permaculture – YES! Magazine Solutions Journalism ⁦‪@OdeToOptimism⁩

Permaculture a very sustainable way of cultivating small

Farms as a garden in one’s backyard. It about sustainably doing more with less. Entrepreneurs will find this equation of doing more with less very relatable, some may have become skilled at it, some may be still struggling with it. Practicing permaculture can be one of those creative exercise that provides solutions to problems.

Could we charge electric cars in just 15 minutes? – ⁦‪@springwise⁩ ⁦‪@revterra⁩

Revterra is working on a 15-minute EV charging system that aims to eliminate these challenges.  Revterra’s flywheel energy storage system (FESS) is ideal for facilitating DC-Fast Charging services in regions with inadequate or low-power infrastructure. It accomplishes this by serving as a buffer, storing electrical energy from utility grids as kinetic energy in charging stations.

Making waves with floating offshore solar panels – ⁦‪@springwise⁩

Modular emergency homes that are built like Lego – ⁦‪@springwise⁩


“Are you a creator or a consumer? Yes, you!” on @LinkedIn

Interesting thoughts on being a consumer v/s a creator. First question, if everyone becomes a creator, who is going to consume? Honestly this theory of investing more time, energy and money on creative pursuits that solve a certain problem in a given market is the best strategy for succeeding in entrepreneurship, it ensures no distraction and total commitment to the idea, startup or business. And then again as entrepreneur we do want consumers for our products or services, hence it’s a very validating theory for entrepreneurs to be focused on creation and avoid time consuming irrelevant stuff, and the time involved in consumption is also in some way connected towards creating stuff.


If you think that your idea is wild and the most illogical and hence can’t be done, then you need to listen to Torbjorn and learn about how he made it possible to travel to all the countries in the world without taking a flight.

Asha Curran: How acts of kindness sparked a global movement ⁦‪@TEDTalks⁩

Mark Cuban Shares His Very Simple Morning Routine | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩

The importance of a Morning Routine has been a trending topic, with articles from various media publications highlighting the morning routines of some of the big names. For a second when you say “a good morning routine” your kind can think of productive, action oriented, getting ahead while the rest of the world is still asleep, etc. However it does not mean that one needs to follow in the steps of their role models. A morning routine is a very individual thing, and it’s best to keep it that way. It will last longer. It will be easier to make it a habit. Copying the routine of your favourite role model may be fun to start with, but it may not be what you want an hence you may discontinue it in a few days. What works for one may not necessarily work for the other. Similarly getting out of the bed and getting into action in terms of exercise, meditation etc, is not the only sign of a good morning routine, for some like Mark Cuban, a good morning routine may be to just lay in bed and get down with emails.

4 Ways I Mastered Financials to Scale My Business to Eight Figures | ⁦‪@Entrepreneur⁩


Distraction v/s Diversion. Distraction will help exit one from a complex situation, Diversion will help endure it. #podcast ⁦‪@nireyal⁩

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